My 2016 Goals

As we have waved goodbye to 2015 and welcomed 2016 the slate has been wiped clean and we are all invited to spark the desire to better ourselves. However I believe that the whole "New Year New Me" saying is truly outdated and the new year is not to completely alter who we are as human beings but a chance to set achievable aspirations and open new doors for ourselves.
I like the idea of writing my resolutions in a blog post and then looking back on them at the end of the year in order to see what I have been able to achieve in 365 days. So here are my 3 (very achievable) goals for 2016.

1) Save Money - I definitely fall foul of flittering my money away on useless products that have no end use and sit in my cupboards and drawers collecting dust. I stumbled across this idea "The Penny Jar" and thought that it could be a really good way of saving some money without locking myself away completely. Starting from the first of Jan I put 1p in the jar, 2p on the second, 3p on the third and so on until on the very last day of 2016 when I will be putting in £3.65. By the end of the year I should have saved £667.95!! Lets see if I can keep it up now!

2) Reading More - I love a good book to cuddle up with of an evening but often neglect reading for the likes of wasting hours on the likes of Twitter and Instagram. My time would be much better spent if I read for a measly 30 minutes of an evening before bed. 

3) Blogging Regularly - As of this Thursday my blog will be 2 years old and what an amazing 2 years it has been! 2015 was a good year for my blog, I posted relatively regularly and with content I am pretty happy with. However, I would love to end 2016 having kept up with my blogging schedule and not compromised on the quality of my posts. Blogging is a huge hobby of mine and I need to make more time for it. I would also love for my blog to have a wider span of posts with fitness, health and fashion posts to really show more of my personality.

Do you have any New Years Resolutions, if so what are they?
Lots of love,
Son x

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