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New In: Skincare

I have a new found love for skincare products and I've been really conscious about what goes onto my face. After implementing the same routine, using the same products for way too long my skin became extremely dry, dehydrated and dull looking. Therefore I decided to branch out and get it looking healthy again. The first item on the list was the Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser, I must admit that this cleanser is no bargain at (£40) but well worth the money as it drastically improved the condition of my skin. The consistency is that of a cleansing balm combined with lots of essential oils to really nourish the skin whilst cleansing it. The smell is definitely not my fave but I can get past that for the results. It makes your face feel squeaky clean without feeling stripped of all moisture. A big love!
Secondly, a product that I gifted to my boyfriend is the Super Facialist Anti Blemish Mask by Una Brennan. This won't break the bank unlike the cleanser as it is £10 from Boots, I m…