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A Dupe For My All Time Favourite Liner Pen

Since last winter, after finding DHC's Liquid Eyeliner Ex I haven't looked back and have stayed very much faithful to it. I just found that it was the perfect jet black, with the thinnest nib and a really smooth formula that lasts all day. The price is quite high for a product of only 0.5ml (£16 however on sale here for £13.50) but as it lasts so long and I hadn't found anything as good as it I was happy to splurge. Until I found the Lomeou Mirade Romance Waterproof Eyeliner from Born Pretty Store here for a crazy £1.30 I was converted!  It has a really thin nib just like the DHC one and is also jet black in colour and not at all watery. It goes onto the eye really smoothly and lasts all day without any signs of smudging. I can't sing its praises enough and now use this on a daily basis. I am definitely tempted to buy 30 of these and hand them out to everyone, and keep 10 for myself of course! If you try this let me know what you think!  Lots of love, Son x

Falling in Love With Bills

After hearing so many good things about the chain Bills I knew that I wanted to experience it first hand and I was not disappointed. The chain of restaurants around the UK serve some of the best grub I have ever tasted!  My boyfriend, his best friend and myself all went to the one in Oxford which was a delight. The pancakes could definitely not go amiss alongside the bread basket with croissants. I love how rustic and homely it felt insight and the decor was so beautiful and simple. Alongside serving food fresh they also have a selection of products that you can purchase to take away, such as the homemade jams, breads and sweets which I just thought added so much charm to the place.  Have you been to Bills? What did you think? Lots of love, S x

Fuss Free Brush Cleaning

If like me, you will do anything and everything in your power to avoid the inevitable pain staking task of washing your make up brushes (totally first world problems!). Then this little nifty invention will be a total game changer!   This "Brush Cleaning Egg" (link here) from Born Pretty Store was kindly gifted to me and I couldn't be more grateful. The hollow semi circular egg has the perfect finger sized pocket to hold it easily in one hand whilst using the other to swirl the brush into the grooved edges of the flat side of the egg. Put a small amount of brush cleaner onto the ridged surface of the egg (I use shower gel or shampoo and have been loving the Original Source Lemon and Lime Hair and Body Wash for Men as it has the most gorgeous scent and cleans my brushes really thoroughly) run the brush under warm water and then buff the brush hairs into the soap. You will see the colour of the water change as the product gets washed out and once the water runs clear agai…

Moisture Surge Necessites

Although winter is such a magical time of year, it doesn't come without its cons, one of my bugbears is the draining of all moisture that comes with the cold weather. So out come the products to put all that moisture back into my skin.  Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Hydrating Moisturiser- If that isn't the most adjectives you've ever seen to describe a moisturising product I will be extremely surprised. It does exactly what is says on the tub and completely injects the skin with hydration and leaves it feeling super soft and smooth without breaking out or getting at all greasy. The one downside is it's hefty price tag of £34 but if your skin is really in need of a burst of moisture this is definitely one to splurge on!
Tarte Maracuja Oil- I have the smallest little pot of this oil and it has lasted me a lifetime (there or thereabouts!). I put this on before bed after moisturising if my skin is feeling particularly lacklustre and in the morning it feels super nourish…