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Super Quick and Healthy Ice Cream Recipe

Trying to be healthy whilst having a majorly sweet tooth is one giant challenge to say the least and more often than not, despite my attempts to reign in the hunger pangs, results in reaching for a sneaky chocolate bar or tub of ice cream to satisfy the cravings. Until I stumbled across this 5 minute ice cream recipe and I was sold!
All you need is:
2 ripe bananasA splash of almond milkA drizzle of honey2 teaspoons of coco powderAnd a handful of whatever fruit tickles your fancy, I opted for raspberries and blueberries. (If you would rather it without the fruit, no one will judge you and it tasted just as splendid!) Chop up the ripe bananas, put them into a sealable bag or tub and pop them in the freezer over night, I shove a load in the freezer and take portions out as and when I crave a quick fix.
Once it has all frozen, take it out of the freezer and pop it in a blender with the rest of the ingredients and blitz it until it has formed a ice cream like consistency and all of the ba…

2 Steps To The Perfect Base

As the Summer months roll in my base specification changes slightly, I want my skin to look flawless and glowing and bronzed but not heaped with make up. To achieve this I have been using these two products; The Clarins instant light radiance boosting complexion base alongside the Clarins instant concealer. Starting with the complexion base which I thinly buff all over to give a small amount of coverage but it's main purpose is brightening the skin and evening out the skin tone. This is really moisturising, is a great colour match for my skin and also gives a gorgeous overall glow. It comes in 3 shades, each catering to a large range of skin types and shades so there is one to suit everyone. I then go over any blemishes, dark circles or pigmentation with the instant concealer. It has quite a thin consistency which means that it can be built up to create pretty high coverage without getting at all cake-face-esque. This duo has been a go to on days where I want to let my skin breat…

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

I was really lucky this birthday as my wonderful friends bought me the sought after Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow and I am well and truly in love! This palette obtains two of the most perfectly created shades which complement my olive skin tone like no other, it would also work fantastically on fairer skin tones as the contour shade has grey undertones so won't end up making fair skin look really orange and cakey. The highlighter is just gorgeous and gives off the most amazing glow to the tops of the cheekbones and as the flecks of shimmer are so tiny there is no worries of ending up with disco ball cheeks! I have also been using the highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes to really brighten and open up the eyes. The packaging is also to die for, as expected with everything that comes from such a high end top quality brand as Charlotte Tilbury definitely is. Thumbs up all round on my behalf. Lots of love, Son x

Energising Face Spritz

I have been loving using this handy dandy face mist for a million and one uses recently. It is brilliant for applying to the face whenever you feel like you need a bit of refreshing, whether that be under make up before your skin care routine, after your skin care or over make up to make it all a bit less cakey and more dewy. I have also been using this when I have been feeling lazy with my real techniques sponge, I usually drench it in water however for days that I really cant be bothered to move, I have being spritzing a bit onto my sponge and it makes for a beautifully applied base. so there are a few uses for this product but it can also be utilized for so much more! Lots of love, Son x

Beauty Tools I couldn't Live Without

There are some items in a make up lovers collection that can be overlooked as they become so essential that they seem too obvious to be mentioned. For me, my 4 staple beauty tools have got to be; tweezers, eyelash curlers, a spooly and cotton pads. Without them I don't know how I could cope with every day beauty shenanigans! Tweezers seem to be my do it all product, not only are they used for the obvious eyebrow taming but also for an abundance of other handy uses. I also probably own more pairs of tweezers than I can count with one hand which seems rather excessive but I have to have a pair at the ready for whenever the need arises. Eyelash curlers, although not having been an eyelash curling maniac until recently I have always had a pair for special occasions. Until I nicked my sister's and was astonished at the difference I found after using them, and now I can't go a day without the appearance of this (rather scary looking) invention. A spooly, now this one has been …

V05 Hot Oil Treatments

These are a massive throwback for me as I religiously swore by them about 2 years ago, always having back ups on hand for whenever my hair was in need of a pick me up. After a while I must have regarded them as old news and I moved on to explore the wide realms of hair care on offer. 2 years down the line I am again in possession of the V05 hot oil treatments and the love affair is back on! At first I found the concept a little bizarre, spreading hot oil throughout the locks and then shampooing it off just 1 minute later. However I have concluded a noticeable difference after using just one treatment and the split ends seem to merge together, creating a really healthy, shiny looking tameable head of hair. Another pro to add to the list is the price tag, at £4.29 for 4 treatments which will last you a full month! They don't make your hair at all greasy which can be a common occurrence with such like products. They also have a really gorgeous smell, so no worries about smelling lik…

Clarins Intensive Serum

Being a stress head takes its toll on my skin and recently, although I haven't had any crazy overt breakouts my skin has been showing its stress levels by becoming uneven and drier than usual, fab. Therefore this bad-boy intensive serum has been a real life saver at improving the texture of my skin. It's a bi-phase serum, meaning it has two different liquidy states that you have to shake before use to combine them, there goes me trying to be sciency... This is super lightweight gel/serum whilst still being tremendously moisturising, using only the tiniest amount. I use this as a middle man, after cleansing and prior to the whole moisturising shebang and it works wonders at ensuring the rest of my skincare routine is as effective as possible. I really have noticed a massive improvement in how my skin looks and feels since using this product. Lots of love, Son x