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The Shampoo That Saved My Hair

Well that title sounds rather dramatic doesn't it! I'll give you a bit of background info about my hair, its all round difficult to manage, my ends get extremely dry if I don't take good care of them, my roots get extremely oily about 10 minutes after washing (only a slight exaggeration) and my scalp if stripped only slightly too much will begin to flake, how lovely.. So I find it very difficult to keep it looking clean, shiny and healthy, hence why I am automatically drawn to brands which I have tried and tested and know work. However a couple of weeks ago my shampoo of choice which I had been using for about 2 months (L'Oreal EverStrong) had ran out and on my dash to boots it was no where to be found. My mother picked up the Herbal Essences combo which names slips my mind at this moment in time, but it is in a pink bottle. I gave this a go as it looked okay and I had no other options but it completely ruined the state of my hair, after washing I found that my hair w…

Sweater Weather

Autumn has finally descended on us here in the UK which means shopping for more autumnal clothes to keep us warm as the weather gets colder. So I have bought out the knitted jumpers and cardigans. I have been keeping my style really simplistic recently and have stocked up on plain V neck T-shirts which I pair with jeans and a good ol jumper. On the wishlist is a pair of black or blue Chelsea boots which I think would just complete my autumnal looks. But for now I am happy with wearing my timberlands or vans. Here are a few of my fave knitwear that I will be wearing this autumn/ winter. New Look does knitwear superbly, hence you will find that 3/4 of these pieces are all from New Look, I would definitely recommend checking out their products! Primark Grey Speckled Cardigan- size 8 £14
  New Look striped blue and grey jumper- size 16 £20 roughly ( I wanted it extra large so it would be super baggy and cosy)
 New Look burgundy jumper- size 8 £19.99
New Look blue pocket jumper- size 8 £2…

School/ Work Simple Makeup

The makeup I have been gravitating towards when going to school and work has been relatively simple. I am really happy with the products that I have been using recently, they have all been working really well together and thought I would share them with you. :)

What are your everyday beauty products? See you soon, Lots of love, son x

DHC Liquid Eyeliner

As I was scrolling through my Bloglovin feed a few weeks ago I noticed that Lily Pebbles had spoken about this eyeliner which I had just happened to have received the day before so I knew it would be a goodun'. I had never heard of this brand before but after a bit of researching I am intrigued about some of the other products that DHC sell and this eyeliner definitely sets the bar high.The tip is super fine and glides across my upper lash line with such ease, making it almost impossible (yet not quite) for an eyeliner noob like myself to manage a thin symmetrical line. The formula is jet black and lasts all day without smudging or totally vanishing and even using my trusty Bioderma at the end of a long day is a bit of a struggle to remove, which is definitely a good thing. You can buy this exclusively on their website here and this eyeliner retails for £16. Hope everyone is well, Lots of love, son x

A little bit of Luxury

I feel that facial oils get a bit of a bad rep for causing breakouts by being too heavy and greasy on the skin especially for people get oily patches i.e. me, surely if you use an oil on your face it will cause your skin to become uncontrollably greasy and unpleasant, right? I put my hands up and admit that I myself always steered away from applying anything too oily onto my face for fear of my skin reacting badly And God knows what happening. However after receiving this Bobbi Brown Extra face oil I cautiously braved it and I must say, I am converted. Super lightweight and non greasy and is absorbed into the skin within seconds. It doesn't fill my pores and I have experienced no nasty skin occurrences whilst using this for the last couple of weeks every night. It softens the skin and injects a burst of moisture whilst plumping (sounds a bit weird doesn't it, promise it's a good thing) out the face giving you a really healthy, natural glow. The price is the only downfall…

New York/ Autumn Beauty Wishlist

As I am going with my mum and sister in about 3 weeks to New York- Eeeek!! There will obviously be the obligatory days of extreme shopping and soI thought I would compile a collection of products that are on my list to check out as the exchange rates are so fab. The majority of these products are autumnal inspired as I am a sucker for good old berry lips, plum eye looks and flawless satiny skin. Also going off on a bit of a tangent but I have been really into the whole extreme couponing tv show and it has really inspired me to try and find some good deals whilst I am out in America, but not a hundred percent sure how to really get started with the deal finding. Let me know if any of you are avid extreme couponers that can enlighten me on how its done, thanks:)

What's your Autumn wish list? Lots of love, son x

My Mac Stash

I'm not one of those gals with hundreds of mac products lined up row after row but the few I do have I really do like. Mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle- I use this when I go out and I want to have a natural looking highlight when the sun hits my cheekbones (or not as the case may be considering I live in England), the shimmer in this isn't overwhelming and doesn't look like I have just smeared my face in a pot of glitter, can't complain there! Lipstick in Lady Danger- This orange toned red lippy makes me squeal a little inside every time I apply this, it can make my measly thin lips look a little less measly and I am ever so grateful for that. Paired with a simple eye look and a flawless base you're on to a winner with this one. Lipstick in Crème Cup- Not going to lie here, this is probably my least favourite product from mac purely down to my skin tone. I have heard great reviews about this shade of lipstick from girls with lighter skin tones and how f…