A little bit of Luxury

 I feel that facial oils get a bit of a bad rep for causing breakouts by being too heavy and greasy on the skin especially for people get oily patches i.e. me, surely if you use an oil on your face it will cause your skin to become uncontrollably greasy and unpleasant, right? I put my hands up and admit that I myself always steered away from applying anything too oily onto my face for fear of my skin reacting badly And God knows what happening. However after receiving this Bobbi Brown Extra face oil I cautiously braved it and I must say, I am converted. Super lightweight and non greasy and is absorbed into the skin within seconds. It doesn't fill my pores and I have experienced no nasty skin occurrences whilst using this for the last couple of weeks every night. It softens the skin and injects a burst of moisture whilst plumping (sounds a bit weird doesn't it, promise it's a good thing) out the face giving you a really healthy, natural glow. The price is the only downfall at a whopping £52 I believe, but if you are willing to invest in something that really does work this is your guy. I will do some research on some other cheaper alternatives if you would like me to and I will let you know.
Lots of love,
son x

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