Brush Washing


I think we can all agree that make-up brush washing is always a massive, tiresome job and considering the collection of brushes I have developed I end up procrastinating for days until I can pretty much feel the bacteria jump from my grubby brush onto my face which is never good! It's recommended to properly wash your brushes at least once every two weeks to strip the grime and bacteria. Also to spot clean your brushes after most uses (or every few days if you're a lazy so and so like me) by using some kind of white spirit or specific spot cleaning brush products to get rid of the bacteria.
When washing your brushes always tilt them downwards to minimise any water getting into the feral and causing the glue to release the hairs making the brush loose it's thickness.
I use a normal hair shampoo when washing my brushes and I find that this does the trick nicely, but there are plenty of make up brush shampoos out there if you fancy something proper, or if you want something really affordable just use normal hand soap.
Massage the shampoo into the bristles and then rinse, repeat this a few times to make sure all the product and soap is out and then leave on a flat surface to dry.
Lots of love,
son x

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