Updated Skincare Trio


I have been surprisingly happy recently with the condition my skin has been in and I have had minimal blemishes which is pretty uncommon for me. I can vouch for these three products for really improving skin quality and I would definitely credit them for being what has helped my skin so much recently. I apply the Effaclar duo + on first after cleansing and its anti-imperfections ingredients help to combat any blemishes in the skin and  correct and marks, I used to have the original effaclar duo which, still great was absolutely nothing compared to this.
Then I smooth on a small amount of the Comfort Zone Hydramemory serum which I got in a set for my birthday last year, I initially put this serum in the back of my makeup drawers while using the hydraluron serum and once I had ran out of that I was in search for a new serum to take over the wonderful job that the hydraluron serum had done. I came across this and decided to give it a go not expecting anything to out of the ordinary, but I was seriously impressed with how plump and moist this makes my skin, since using this that dryness and tightness I used to feel has gone and I am very happy with the smoothness of my skin now.
Finally comes my all rounded absolute staple beauty item Embryolisse lait-creme concentrate, my word is this a good'un. It's a simple, thick moisturiser which can be used for pretty much anywhere that has dry skin. I don't have much to say about this apart from how truly fabulous it is at obliterating any dry patches and keeping your skin moisturised without piling on loads of harsh chemicals.
Lots of love,
son x 

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