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Brush Washing

I think we can all agree that make-up brush washing is always a massive, tiresome job and considering the collection of brushes I have developed I end up procrastinating for days until I can pretty much feel the bacteria jump from my grubby brush onto my face which is never good! It's recommended to properly wash your brushes at least once every two weeks to strip the grime and bacteria. Also to spot clean your brushes after most uses (or every few days if you're a lazy so and so like me) by using some kind of white spirit or specific spot cleaning brush products to get rid of the bacteria. When washing your brushes always tilt them downwards to minimise any water getting into the feral and causing the glue to release the hairs making the brush loose it's thickness. I use a normal hair shampoo when washing my brushes and I find that this does the trick nicely, but there are plenty of make up brush shampoos out there if you fancy something proper, or if you want something…

Beauty On A Budget- Naked 2 Alternative

Like the look of Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette but not loving the price tag? Check out the MUA undressed palette from superdrug for an astonishing £4 compared the Naked 2 which is £37. Both come with 12 different really wearable bronzy shades. The pigmentation and colour pay off is obviously going to be quite a lot better in the naked palette but for the price you pay the MUA palette is a wonderful dupe and can create some equally as great smoky eye looks.
If you wanna know more about the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette click here for my post on the full review and swatches of each shade.

Okay guys, so I've decided to allocate particular days each week for posting new content, for the time being I will post 2 days a week, one day during the working week, most likely on a Wednesday or Thursday and then on a Sunday, I feel like this will give me a proper blogging routine and so you guys know when to come back and check out new content (if you would like to!). If this changes due …

Updated Skincare Trio

I have been surprisingly happy recently with the condition my skin has been in and I have had minimal blemishes which is pretty uncommon for me. I can vouch for these three products for really improving skin quality and I would definitely credit them for being what has helped my skin so much recently. I apply the Effaclar duo + on first after cleansing and its anti-imperfections ingredients help to combat any blemishes in the skin and  correct and marks, I used to have the original effaclar duo which, still great was absolutely nothing compared to this. Then I smooth on a small amount of the Comfort Zone Hydramemory serumwhich I got in a set for my birthday last year, I initially put this serum in the back of my makeup drawers while using the hydraluron serum and once I had ran out of that I was in search for a new serum to take over the wonderful job that the hydraluron serum had done. I came across this and decided to give it a go not expecting anything to out of the ordinary, but …

Kim K Contouring

Who doesn't want to have those Kim Kardashian chiselled cheekbones and completely bag free under eyes? I know I do. Extreme highlighting and contouring is the way to go to achieve this look, I found this concealer palette on ebay for around £5 and with low expectations I ordered it as I just couldn't resist the price. However its not too shabby at all and you are definitely able to recreate Kim's flawless look. Using a shade about 2 shades lighter than your skin tone apply in a triangle shape under the eyes, on the chin, around the nose, down the bridge of the nose and in the middle of the forehead. Then with a cool toned shade about 3 times darker than your skin tone apply in a 3 shape around the hairline and in the cheekbones. Blend very very well et voila. I've been a bit busy at the moment due to starting A levels and my blogging day is usually Sundays but tomorrow I am out all day so please bear with if I don't upload during the week. Hope everyone is well, l…

Barry M Nails

Barry M is one of my favourite nail brands, they have an amazing range of beautifully coloured polishes and the nail polishes have fabulous formulas. There are a few different lines within Barry M including; Gelly Hi Shine, Matte, Neon, Original Paint, and quite a few other different types of nail paints. My favourite line is the Gelly Hi Shine range which has 28 different shades to choose from. The formula of the Gelly Hi shine nail paints are pretty bloody fabulous, it glides onto the nail and isn't gloopy, is opaque after 2 sometimes even one coat and is extremely glossy, it also lasts on the nail for up to a week which I would say is pretty faultless in my opinion! The glitter coats are also really unique and look really pretty as an accent nail or on all of the nails in particular I really like the textured nail paint in the bronzy colour in the bottom of the picture above although as with the majority of glitter polishes regardless of the brand they are a right pain to get …

Thierry Mugler Alien

This perfume has been my 'special occasion' scent since Christmas and still every time I get a whiff of this on someone else or myself I fall in love with it all over again. Thierry Mugler Alien Eau De Parfum retails for £48 and you can get it from most fragrance shops. I am utterly awful when it comes to describing smells so I thought I would copy the fragrance description "A rich floral woody amber containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber it is a fragrance whose magic tral awakens your emotions." Well doesn't that sound fancy! I personally wouldn't say that this is a particularly delicate scent so if you're not into quite heavy fragrances I would say that this probably isn't for you. However I am definitely a fan of more concentrated smells and so this is up there alongside my Burberry Body in the top 3 perfumes I have tried! Which is your favourite fragrance? Lots of love, son x

Beauty On A Budget

 sometimes spending a fourtune on overly expensive beauty products is out of the question and we are forced to look for cheaper alternatives in the drugstore to satisfy our make up cravings (or is that just me?). Natural collection which can be found in pretty much any boots is a good choice for those looking for cheap and cheerful products. With most of their products selling for around £1.99 no one is claiming them to be of the upmost outstanding quality but they are definitely worth the price if not more. Personally I wouldn't test out the foundation or concealers from Natural Collection as I am not quite sure how well it would bode with my sensitive skin. However their lipsticks, lip liners, blushers and eye shadows are definitely ones to look out for. All of the 6 products that I have from natural collection I am very impressed with and can't really fault. Let me know if you try any Natural Collection stuff out and what you think of it. Lots of love, son x