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Lip Balms

L'Occitane ultra rich lip balm £7.50 Nuxe Reve de miel £9.50 Nivea lip butter in raspberry rose £2.25 original carmex lip balm £2.69 My lips are still recovering from this winters cold winds and just freezing weather and these four lip products have helped drastically improve the condition of my lips in the last few months.   Carmex is a staple product for a lot of people's collections and mine is no exception, its consistency and tingling effect it has really soothes and moisturises dry cracked lips.   Nivea lip butter is creamy and nice for days when your lips are not too bad but still need a bit of a  pick me up.   L'Occitane ultra rich lip balm, this is super rich (as you would probably work out from the name) but seriously this is super thick and really hydrating, definitely one of my favourites, this is my second tube of this which shows just how much I love it!   Nuxe Reve de miel another thick balm, I picked this up in Paris in October and have used this everyday with…

Everyday make up

These are my most used make up items that I use on an everyday basis and are likely to show up on my blog quite regularly. Scandal eyes cream eye shadow in rich russet Maybelline the rocket mascara Rimmel glam eyes day 2 night mascara L'oreal superliner Naked basics palette Maybelline fit me concealer Nars sheer glow foundation in barcelona mac mineralised skin fisnish in soft and gentle elf eyebrow kit in dark Natural collection blush in peach melba Rimmel kate moss matte lipstick in 101 let me know what kind of posts you would like me to do in the future lots of love, son x

Matte nails

I change my nail colour almost every day in the holidays and today was no exception so I decided to embrace the not quite spring like weather that we have been seeing a bit more recently. I love the colour of this Maybelline colour show nail polish in the shade 651 cool blue. I topped it off with the no7 matte top coat which I have been using every time I've painted my nails recently, i love this combo and think it brightens up outfits. lots of love, son x

topshop mom jeans

outfit: Topshop vintage mom jeans             primark black long sleeved top             Timberlands
            lips: rimmel kate moss lipstick in shade 01                     Sephora matte lip cream in shade 01

I promise I'm actually not as miserable as I look in these pictures!
 (I just really dislike my smile.. haha)
 hope you're all well. lots of love, son x


Products used:  Nars sheer glow foundation Maybelline fit me concealer Maybelline fit me powder Loreal super liner Rimmel glam eyes day 2 night mascara Naked 2 palette Elf eyebrow kit Natural collection blush in peach melba  mac lipstick in crème cup
lots of love, son x

Perfect Homemade Iced Coffee

Sometimes I wake up craving a nice iced coffee from Starbucks but the pounds all add up and so I thought there must be a cheaper way to enjoy one at home, so I looked on YouTube and found some good how to videos and thought I'd make a post on how to make one.

 things you will need:
-coffee (whichever you prefer)
-Ice cubes
-Sugar to taste
- A fancy jar to put it in (or just a glass but it seems a lot more fun with a jar haha)

 so first I started by putting some of the coffee in ice trays the night before as it means that when you put it into the coffee it wont dilute it and make it too watery.Then made the coffee in the glass jar, if you don't know how to make coffee I am slightly worried, but look on YouTube and you will surely find hundreds of helpful videos!Add heaps of ice to the coffee, a pretty straw, sugar to taste and voila here you have a fabulous yummy Iced coffee, enjoy!
let me know if you try it out, lots of love son x

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks

This week I was craving some new lipsticks and so looked around a bit and saw a lot of people talking about the Rimmel lipsticks range by Kate Moss so I thought I would give them a try. There is quite a good shade range and also two different formulas; lasting finish and matte. Usually I buy everything from boots as I love saving up my boots points to spend on something but they were out of the shades I wanted so I found a good 3for2 deal in Superdrug. I ordered 3 of the matte lipsticks in the shades 101, 107 and 110, from the lasting finish range I got the shade 01. I haven't tried them out enough to give a full review on them all however I do already like how creamy and moisturising they are and the colours of all of them are beautiful. I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of these so let me know if you would like to see a review in the future. lots of love son x

Sigma Brush Dupes

Make-up brushes

Recently I did some research on the Sigma brushes which are highly raved about amongst the beauty blogging world but I held back on ordering a 12 brush kit as the price was way out of my price range at $155... although I already own way too many make-up brushes I felt like I needed more so I set out to find a similar kind of set for a fraction of the price. which is when I stumbled across the brand sixplus on eBay. I had seen a few youtubers talk about them and quite a few do comparisons to the sigma brushes. So I thought I would order a 15 piece set to try out and I was so shocked at the price of the total lot coming to £17.99! As they were so incredibly cheap I expected the worst on arrival and hadn't got my hopes up which made me even more surprised when I fell in love with them! I think the density and softness of them is really comparable to the real techniques brushes and I haven't had any of the synthetic hairs fall out. I feel like there is a brush to …

Favourite Foundations

Top bases of the moment
Foundation is definitely one of my favourite beauty products to test out and hopefully fall in love with. I think that a flawless base makes everything else look 10 times more beautiful. These 4 have been ones I have been reaching for most regularly and I love them all! Starting with the Maybelline Dream satin liquid foundation which can be purchased from most places that sells Maybelline and at a very good price of £7.99. I have the shade 040 which and it matches my skin tone beautifully. The bottle has been repackaged since I bought this one and so I'm not a hundred percent sure if the formula of it has changed too. I love this foundation for when I am having 'no make-up' make-up days, I find it to be quite sheer coverage but definitely buildable and the finish is just perfect. Secondly is my old all time favourite the Revlon colorstay foundation for combination/oily skin. When I say "old" I mean I still love it but I'm not quite as…

Naked 2 palette

Urban Decay Naked 2

My neighbour very kindly bought me the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette back from America as I was having a hard time trying to buy it here in the uk. I was so excited to get it and I couldn't wait to swatch all the beautiful colours and test them out!
Everyone has been going on about the Naked 3 palette and although it looks beautiful I think a lot of the colours would be too pinky toned for my skin and will just end up with me looking like I have pink swollen eyes. So I researched and decided that the Naked 2 would work best for me and I love all the shades in this palette. I already have the naked basics palette which I absolutely adore for everyday looks but I wanted something with more shimmer to wear for evenings and I think this new addition to my collection will be perfect!

Below are swatches (sorry for the crap quality) of all of the eye shadows you get in the palette.

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