Lip Balms

L'Occitane ultra rich lip balm £7.50
Nuxe Reve de miel £9.50
Nivea lip butter in raspberry rose £2.25
original carmex lip balm £2.69
My lips are still recovering from this winters cold winds and just freezing weather and these four lip products have helped drastically improve the condition of my lips in the last few months.
  Carmex is a staple product for a lot of people's collections and mine is no exception, its consistency and tingling effect it has really soothes and moisturises dry cracked lips.
  Nivea lip butter is creamy and nice for days when your lips are not too bad but still need a bit of a  pick me up.
  L'Occitane ultra rich lip balm, this is super rich (as you would probably work out from the name) but seriously this is super thick and really hydrating, definitely one of my favourites, this is my second tube of this which shows just how much I love it!
  Nuxe Reve de miel another thick balm, I picked this up in Paris in October and have used this everyday without fail and still there is only a small dent in the tub as a little bit definitely goes a long way!
lots of love, son x

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