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The Perfect All-in-one-shadow

The Clarins Summer collection has graced us with 2 new eyeshadows which are to die for, and I was lucky enough to have the chance of getting my hands on one of them. This cream-to-powder eyeshadow in the shade 03 Aquatic grey is honestly one of the most gorgeous shades I have ever put on my lids! It's a really beautiful blue toned grey with silver running through it and it almost looks duo chrome on the eyes which is so lovely. The formula is true to form, being a cream to powder finish and glides on in the smoothest, silkiest way and blends like a dream. One of the main reasons I am so head over heels with this shadow is that it is a one product wonder, meaning you don't need a trillion different crease colours or highlighters, you can simply sweep this over the lids, blend into the crease et volia! Way to look like you've spent a good 20 minutes perfecting that cut crease, when in fact it has only taken around 20 seconds. It is seriously long lasting and doesn't leav…

A Dupe For Chanel's Bronzer

After recently posting about my current absolute staple bronzer Here which has still not left it's position as top of the bronzers in my collection. I trawled through my old posts to find the featuring of my other fave oldie, the Bourjois Bronzing Primer, in which I suspected the Bourjois bronzer to be a dupe for Chanel's. Now that I have both in my possession I decided to make a comparison of the two and come up with my own verdict. Looking at them both side by side I think it is pretty obvious that they are not at all the same in the way of formula or colour match, although in other aspects they are very similar. Both are not at all orangey and extremely lightweight on the skin as well as being incredibly easy to blend. They are also both fit for the same purpose, as bronzing primers or bases, which means they can be worn under make up, creating a naturally sunkissed bronzy look. Now onto the differences Apart from the obvious differences in shade and the formula of Bourjo…

Refreshing Tired Eyes

Let's face it, who isn't tired nowadays? Sometimes (all) of the time I become overly tiresome and my face shows it, especially my eyes. So I have come up with a little regime in which I follow when my eyes are looking super worn out. Firstly I use the Liz Earle Soothing Eye Lotion, to cleanse the eyes and as it is really cooling on the skin it seems to erase some of the puffiness and awaken the eyes slightly. I then take Elf's Eye Refresher under the eyes, it comes in rollerball form and the applicator is metal which means it always feels lovely and refreshing and icy cold which is great for helping with dark puffy circles as well as just feeling really kind to the sensitive eye area. Patting a small amount of Benefit's Erase Paste onto dark circles works a treat. Dark circles are predominantly blue in undertone and this is counterbalanced by this salmony pink toned concealer. It is also very high coverage and lasts all day so is great at concealing those sleepless nig…

Benefit Lolli

Benefit recently released the new Lolli line, a branch from the previous tint line containing my old favourite bene tint. The Lolli tint and Lolli balm are super pinky yet not highly pigmented. The tint can be used as a lip stain as well as a cheek stain which I absolutely love and use it for both. The Lolli balm is wonderful for "no make up" make up days as it adds a bit of a pinky tint to the lips while also being super moisturising! I stole these from my sister (whoops) who got them in a set for Christmas alongside the bene tint and balm and I think it is such a gorgeous and useful present to get someone! Lots of love guys, Son x

The Perfect Essie Mani

After I bought this Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat the condition of my nails have drastically improved and I have found them growing a lot faster and a lot stronger. This base coat also has the ability to smoothen the surface of nails and fill in any ridges, which leaves the nail polish applied over the top with a nice smooth surface. I have also recently shopped my stash so to speak and rediscovered some of my old nail polish faves, this one in particular. Essie Cascade Cool a muted creamy pink which lasts forever on the nails without chipping and adds a fab pop of colour to the hands without being overwhelming. The dusty pink shade makes any skin tone look more tanned and is really complimentary on medium skin tones as it really enhances the olive undertones. I love love this polish combo and will definitely be wearing it into the heat of the summer! Lot of love, Son x

Neals Yard Loving

I hadn't heard much formerly of Neals Yard's extensive range of natural skincare and so when my mum got invited to a Neals Yard party (how cool does that sound!) I insisted she must go and pick up a few bits for me to try out as it all looked really lovely.
I asked her to pick up these three products as I felt it covered all bases, besides I was seriously lacking on owning a face wash (I didn't). I have done a bit of research and found out that there is a range of products for almost every skin type, accompanied by the most gorgeous natural ingredients to look after your skin.
I will start with my most favourite of the three,
The Almond Moisturiser £19.50- for sensitive skin. Although my skin isn't particularly sensitive, it gets very dehydrated and using sensitive products on it won't do it any harm. This has a really lovely thick, non-greasy formula which is easy to apply and a little bit goes a long way. It is rich in vitamins and almonds and I can really feel i…

Updated Brow Routine

I am not one for sticking to the same products for longer than 5 minutes at a time but these few brow tools have stayed put in my daily make up routine for about a month or so now! Claps for me! For shaping my brows I love this little brow razor, I got it in a 3 pack from ebay for about £2 and its so handy to touch up and smarten the brows every once in a while in between the heavy duty plucking/ threading. My Spooly is one of my most used tools in my little (really not that little at all) toolbox of brushes, I use it for just about everything, brows included. Next comes the tried and true Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz- The waxy pencil end is the perfect colour match for my dark sparse brows and works wonders when I just want them to look a tad fuller. My HD brow powder palette is great for travelling with as I can use it to fill in my brows as well as using the other 3 shades as eyeshadows and I can set my eyebrows with the wax it comes with too! Finally is my clear brow which jus…

A Spring Scent

This is the most gorgeous, light, fresh and fruity smelling scent I own and I can't get enough of it! It feels really lifting and I always feel fresh when wearing this. The scent lingers all day, so is perfect for work or school, in my case both. It is so spring like, and fresh so suits this abnormally warm weather perfectly. It is pricey at £42 but I think fragrances are worth investing in as they can really brighten your mood and who doesn't want to smell nice, eh! I hope you're all well, Lots of love as always, Son x What is your favourite scent of the moment?

The Pink Lip

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in the shade Frabourjoise is the perfect pink lip for when I want to add some colour to my make up without it looking too full on. My Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation is not my fave but really good for adding that extra coverage and still looking natural. Soap and Glory's Supercat eyeliner is fab at creating the super thin eyeliner look, as long as you have a steady hand and a lot of patience. I have well and truly hit pan on my Topshop Cream blush in the shade Flush. It creates a really natural looking flush to the cheeks... Duh. And as it is a cream product doesn't cling to dry patches. What is your favourite lip look? Lots of love, Son x

February Favourites

This month has flown past in what seems like the blink of an eye, it's March already whaaattt?! But I have discovered and rediscovered lots of fabulous beauty products over the past month and my bank account is sincerely suffering, oops! First off is my latest love in my beauty stash, Chanel's Soleil Tan De Chanel. My word is this a goodun! I have a whole post featuring this product here if you want to see a more in depth overview! It is by far the most perfect bronzer I have ever found, sorry Benefit Hoola you've been put aside for now. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Walkyrie. I always always go back to this as it is just so trustworthy and never does me wrong. It is the perfect nude for my medium tanned skin tone. I still cant really work out the exact shade of this, it's a mixture of browny nudey pinky undertones and it compliments pretty much any make up look. It lasts all day or night and isn't so matte that it dries out my lips leaving them all fl…

The Jenner Lip

Kylie Jenner has caused quite the uproar recently surrounding the sudden fullness of her lips and the world and his wife all want to get their hands on the products she seems to be using. Not going to lie, Myself included. Mac's matte lipstick in Velvet Teddy has been sold out worldwide and on setting my friend a mission to find it whilst abroad I wasn't overly hopeful, however she found it in a teeny Mac store in the middle of nowhere, woooo. It is a pinky browny nude slightly darker than the colour of my lips and perfect for lazy days and being paired with absolutely any make up look! This, accompanied by the pro longwear lip pencil in the shade Nice N Spicy and we are on to a winner! It is pretty much exactly the same shade as the lipstick and really does make this lip last all day! Really chuffed with this find, and there will no doubt be a look going on my blog of this lip combo in action!
What are your favourite lipsticks?
Lots of love,
Son x