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Every Day Uses For Essential Oils

I had always believed that essential oils were purely used by hippies and had no actual benefits apart from smelling nice. Oh, how I was wrong.
Although, I don't use essential oils as extensively as some, they have been getting regular use for a variety of hacks.
I personally crack out my lavender oil on the daily, I sprinkle a few drops onto my pillows before bed and I find that as soon as my head hits the cushion at night I am instantly soothed, relaxed and the stresses from the day seem to melt away. Not only this but I also slather lavender oil onto my hips, mixed in with my body cream as I have been using it as an attempt to fade my stretch marks. Although they are definitely still very prevalent I would say that I have noticed some sort of change in the appearance of my stretch marks and even if it is a placebo, it is one I am happy to take as it has definitely increased my confidence surrounding this area which I used to be hard on myself about.

Here are some other great u…

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Vs Urban Decay Naked Concealer

Both Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer and Nars Radiant Creamy concealer have become cult products within the beauty industry for different reasons and I thought I'd give a little summary on which I personally prefer and why. I love both and use them both regularly, I find that the UD one (£19) has a thinner, more lightweight feel to it while still being great at covering so I really like using this under the eyes. However, I do find that on me this one creases really badly and if I haven't got really moisturised skin I feel like it can sometimes look a little patchy. I really like the applicator with this but my biggest pet peeve is that the tube makes it really difficult to pull the wand out and so I am somehow always left splattering it onto my clothes and surrounding furniture which drives me crazy! I also don't think the shade range is amazing and I have found it quite difficult to get a shade with the right undertone for my skin that isn't too pinky, I have tried…

The Drugstore Nude Lip To Top Them All

Nude lips are the one for me at the moment and I adore this combo together. I know the shades look pretty different but when they are on they both compliment each other beautifully!  I first outline my paper thin smackers with the Kiko Smart Lip Pencil in the shade 712, Kiko have outdone themselves with these liners, which are super creamy but last all day and come in the most beaut shades. Better yet, they only cost a mere £2.50!! I slightly over line my lips and then fill in from the outside towards the centre. This shade is a pretty true pink, giving the perfect "my lips but better" look that we all search for. I then go over top with the Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick in the shade Nude Perfection, again a bargain at £4.99! Don't be fooled by the chubby pencil packaging, which often reflects drying and chalky lippies. This one is really smooth and gives a beautiful creamy sheen to the lips. It's a slightly more nudey nude with a slight corally undertone. Again,…