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What's In My Mac Quad?

My Mac quad is my most used, most loved palette in my collection (okay... alongside my Naked Basics palette). It has my perfect everyday shades but also can be layered up to create lots of different dramatic eye looks. Starting top left is the shade Texture- This warm, orange toned brown with slight flecks of shimmer is perfect for anyone with brown or hazel eyes as an all over wash on the lid and blended into the crease. Top right is the shade Espresso - It's a deep, matte ashy brown shade and I bought it in the first place as a brow filler inner, as it is a really good match for my brows, I usually use it over top of my brow gel to set them in place. It can also be used as a transition shade blended into the crease to darken up eye looks. The bottom left is my most worn shadow- All that Glitters, It is a peachy shimmery almost rose gold shade that I use almost everyday as a simple wash of colour all over the lid. Paired with a thin black line and a slick of mascara, this makes…

The Lipstick That Lasts

Finding lipsticks that stay on all day without smudging and smearing is a chore and a half and so my excitement when I found these lippies was pretty uncontrollable. The lovely people from Born Pretty Store (link here) were kind enough to send me these and 2 liquid lipsticks and I have fallen head over heels in love. The formula of these is all kinds of awesome, applying incredibly smoothly and then drying within seconds and staying put until removed with a hard-core make up remover, occasionally needing more like an oil-based make up remover. Alongside this, the liquid lipsticks don't feel at all dry or clingy and in fact are pretty moisturising. What isn't there to love about these products? I picked 2 shades; a nude #03 and a dark berry shade #22. The nude is a perfect "your lips but better" pink which complements every and any make up look. The berry lippy is also such a lovely wearable shade which is perfect for the oncoming Autumnal and winter months paired wi…