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Beauty or just bad taste? Have brands crossed the line?

This is a piece of writing I wrote for A level English language coursework. I wanted to put it onto my blog as I felt I wanted to almost open a discussion about whether people agree with this text or not. I'd be really interested in finding out about what people think regarding this topic. Thank you in advance. Son x

Nowadays sex seems to be everywhere. People are no longer shocked at seeing a virtually naked woman on the side of a bus or billboard, everyone discusses sex and people have appeared to become immune to taboo language. As an all-round beauty fanatic myself, I have thoroughly delved into the ever-expanding world of make up products and associated paraphernalia. The one thing that never fails to shock me: the continual release of new make-up products with cringe-worthy, sexualised names.
The beauty industry is already seen by many as superficial and materialistic. Why then would the product creators want to feed further into this reputation by naming products with overt …

Urban Decay Palettes - Are They Worth The Hype?

Urban Decay have built up such an established reputation for themselves, everyone has heard of the Naked palettes and for good reason in my opinion. I have found through my experience with the 4 Urban Decay palettes that I own that they are some of the best quality shadows in such beautiful shades.  My Naked Basics palette is amazing for travelling with and brill for the girls that just want a super natural look. Although there are only 6 shades in this it is a versatile product that can create tonnes of different looks. I often smoke out the black shadow with a pencil brush along my lash line to make my lashes look thicker and create a kind of smoky look. While on the topic of versatile the Shadow Box is the one to beat on unlimited looks achievable with just this one palette. It's full of neutrals, bright pops of colour and really cool out there shades. I love this when I want to experiment with my eye looks. The Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes are both very neutral although I bel…

Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm

After recently purchasing this (£48- I know, crazy!!!) and reading all of the raving reviews I wanted to put it through my own tests. In the past I have dabbled in the odd exfoliator but in general I find that a lot of them upset the balance of my extremely sensitive skin. Therefore I am very cautious when it comes to scrubbing my face and tend to stick to cream/ oil cleansers with a flannel to cleanse the skin. However, I have recently felt that my cleansers aren't getting rid of all the grime all of the time and so I wanted to invest in a product that could make my face feel squeaky clean without stripping it of all moisture.  This seriously does the trick!! The Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm is really moisturising and gentle on the skin whilst giving it the attention it needs. I always feel that it has got rid of any make up residue that happens to linger after cleansing, it gets rid of dullness and it makes my skin feel amazing. Not to mention the whole host of amazing ingredie…

Top 5 Glow Gettas'

Highlighters have become huge in recent years and it's clear why. A dull looking complexion can be completely transformed with the help of the wondrous highlighter. My five top picks are all incredible at creating a really dewy, healthy glow.
At number one it has just got to be Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop. Definitely on the more pricey side but 100% worth it! This is the perfect shade for all different skin tones and the finely milled, creamy formula enables effortless blending for maximum glow without looking cakey or streaky.
Secondly my Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow Palette. This beauty is perfect for on the go as it has a wonderful bronzer accompanying the gorgeous highlighter. Both are incredible at creating a sculpted finish and the highlighter is for when you really want to make a statement. I'd say this one is definitely more for night outs or when you really want that pop as the powder is not particularly fine so more noticeable than the Becca pow…

Lipstick Collection and Storage

After changing up my make-up storage a million and one times, I feel like I'm finally happy with how my lipstick collection looks, so I decided to share it with you. I believe my sister got these drawers/ storage system from ebay, so here are a few links to similar ones similar (£11.99) same (£10.99) Lipstick stand without drawers (£2.08). I hope this helps people looking for things like this. 
So, up top to the right in the lipstick slots I have all of my fave lipsticks from MAC, Kiko, Nars, Rimmel, No7, Hourglass and Laura Mercier. I think this stand is so handy to keep lippies well organised and easy to see, therefore it's easy to use all of them instead of just reaching for the same one everyday out of convenience.
To the left hand side of the top compartment I keep all of my lipliners in an old The White Company candle holder. This is the perfect size for all my liners and again they are easy to grab and see. 
In the back two compartments I keep my liquid lipsticks and c…

New In Products

As it was my birthday recently I was spoilt rotten by my loved ones! I also took it upon myself to update my collection and purchase a few new products myself. (Although I definitely didn't need to!) Firstly, my wonderful sister kindly got me the Urban Decay Naked palette, I have got number 2 and also Naked Basics, both of which I adore! The first edition however, has been my most reached for eyeshadow palette since I got it nearly a month ago. The shades are perfect for everyday looks as well as creating gorgeous smokey looks for evenings. I think this palette would be beautiful on so many skin tones as a lot of the shades are really neutral, so very wearable!
Secondly, my best friends hooked me up with a new Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara, I had bought myself a tiny size of this in Canada a good few months ago and I must have rambled on about how  much I loved it and needed to buy a new one. Second tube of this and I'm loving it even more than before. I feel that this has the…

An Experience To Cherish.


New In: Skincare

I have a new found love for skincare products and I've been really conscious about what goes onto my face. After implementing the same routine, using the same products for way too long my skin became extremely dry, dehydrated and dull looking. Therefore I decided to branch out and get it looking healthy again. The first item on the list was the Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser, I must admit that this cleanser is no bargain at (£40) but well worth the money as it drastically improved the condition of my skin. The consistency is that of a cleansing balm combined with lots of essential oils to really nourish the skin whilst cleansing it. The smell is definitely not my fave but I can get past that for the results. It makes your face feel squeaky clean without feeling stripped of all moisture. A big love!
Secondly, a product that I gifted to my boyfriend is the Super Facialist Anti Blemish Mask by Una Brennan. This won't break the bank unlike the cleanser as it is £10 from Boots, I m…

My Top 4 Make-Up Tools

In my opinion make up brushes and sponges are essential to creating a really flawless make up look and after testing out my fair share of make up tools I like to think I have found some treasures.
For my base I have been non stop using my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge, I find that this, when damp can buff my foundation into the skin like no other, I don't get any streaks and my foundation doesn't sit on my skin horribly. Baking with this is also super easy as it has a tapered end which gets right into the corners of your under eye area. I now have 4 of these 2 which I use every day for various steps in my routine and then 2 back ups!
For contouring and bronzing I use my Real Techniques Contour Brush, this is super fluffy and the perfect size to chisel out those Kim K cheekbones, almost! I haven't found a brush better than this for bronzing up my face and adding glow into my cheeks.
Using my Sixplus concealer brush to blend in my concealer create a flawless effect, it&…

KIKO Haul With Swatches

After receiving some gorgeous gifts from Kiko for Christmas, the quality of which I was seriously impressed with, I decided to bite the bullet and order a load of their best selling products. I am beyond excited to have a play with all of these goodies and I am planning on doing more in depth reviews of them all after I've tested them all out, so watch this space! First of all my eye was caught by the "Smart Lip Pencils" They were on sale for £1.20! I had heard that people were comparing these to Macs lipliners and at a tenth of the cost I decided to try them out for myself and I bought 5! These shades all look gorgeous and on first swatch they feel really creamy with really good pigmentation! I think that I will get away with wearing these on their own as they don't feel at all drying, I especially love the shade 710, it looks like my perfect berry toned autumnal shade!

I then stumbled across this Dark Circle Tone Eraser, again on sale this was only £4.40, it is a…