An Experience To Cherish.

My lovely mum decided to treat my sister and I to a magical experience of making our own silver rings to keep forever. We spent the day at a cosy and welcoming jewellery school (File and Forge) where the lovely Emma showed us the ropes and taught us everything we needed to know about making our very own gorgeous silver rings. We started off with a copper prototype, which turned out to be an extremely useful exercise as all three of us downsized the sizes of our fingers (inadvertently praying for slimmer fingers?). We each decided, after snooping around the collection of already made rings, on what pattern/ design we wanted. My mum had planned well in advance to stamp the initials of  our 6 family members around the circumference of her ring. My sister opted to create texture on the surface of her silver by using sandpaper. I loved the effect a thin hammer gave to the rings I had seen and so decided to go with that for my own. 
After many injuries, lots of laughter, cakes and cups of tea, we came away with such beautiful keep-sakes that we can cherish forever, as long as our fingers stay the same size! 
It was one of the loveliest experiences I have taken part in and it was amazing to take some time out of my daily routine to be able to bond with some of my favourite people.
I would recommend this experience to everyone!

Lots of love,
Son x

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