Lipstick Collection and Storage

After changing up my make-up storage a million and one times, I feel like I'm finally happy with how my lipstick collection looks, so I decided to share it with you. I believe my sister got these drawers/ storage system from ebay, so here are a few links to similar ones similar (£11.99) same (£10.99) Lipstick stand without drawers (£2.08). I hope this helps people looking for things like this. 

So, up top to the right in the lipstick slots I have all of my fave lipsticks from MAC, Kiko, Nars, Rimmel, No7, Hourglass and Laura Mercier. I think this stand is so handy to keep lippies well organised and easy to see, therefore it's easy to use all of them instead of just reaching for the same one everyday out of convenience.

To the left hand side of the top compartment I keep all of my lipliners in an old The White Company candle holder. This is the perfect size for all my liners and again they are easy to grab and see. 

In the back two compartments I keep my liquid lipsticks and chubby sticks, such as my Kat Von D liquid lipstick, Nars velvet matte lip pencils, Sephora matte lip creme and Clinique chubby sticks. 

In the top drawer I keep some of my random, less loved lippies, ones that I reach for less often or am not as keen on. 

The bottom two drawers house the majority of my lip balms, which I reach for on a daily basis. I love how I can lay everything out flat and in sight in these drawers as they are pretty shallow. In the third drawer are a few lipsticks that I'm on the verge of throwing out as I'm really not a fan, although finding it hard to part with as they have some kind of memory/ meaning. (I'm a make-up hoarder!) For example the two Natural Collection Lipsticks were my first every lipstick purchases and I just can't seem to throw them away!

Let me know if you want me to go into depth of any of these!
I am also currently sorting out the rest of my collection, so will do some posts on that when it's all up to my standards!
Lots of love,
Son x

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