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Chatty Post

Chit Chat...
Hey guys! so I'm sorry, I lied, I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks which is annoying because I was really hoping to post at least every other day. Don't want to offload the excuses but recently has just been massively hectic with school deadlines and my body has gone into shut down mode and decided to make me ill continuously:(

I have lots of ideas for upcoming blog posts that should hopefully go up soon and please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see.

I have also organised all of my make up collection and I am now extremely happy with how it is stored so if anyone is interested in seeing a sort of make up collection I would love to show!

At the moment I am not majorly happy with how my overall blog looks so I will be working on making it look better hopefully.

tomorrow I promise to write up a proper beauty related post,
hope you're all well
lots of love son x

Drugstore Make-Up Haul

Drugstore Make-up Haul

The lack of blog posts in the last couple of days has been due to exams and on Thursday I came down with the flu which has meant I've been bed bound for the last few days! So sorry about the lack of blog posts! but I thought I would show you a few new make-up bits I've bought recently from boots.

 The rocket mascara and fit me concealer I already own but I am running out of both of these products and wanted to repurchase them as they are both in my favourite products at the moment. I am extremely excited to try the scandal eyes eyeliner and cream eye shadow as I have heard such amazing things about both.
products I bought: Maybelline Fit me concealer in shade 15 £5.99 Maybelline Fit me powder in shade 125 £5.99 Maybelline The Rocket mascara £7.99 Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof eyeliner in nude £3.99 Rimmel scandal eyes shadow paint in rich russet £4.99 should hopefully be up and running with more regular blog posts from now on. Let me know what kind of b…



I got a pair of Timberland boots with my Christmas money a couple of days after Christmas and I must say how much I am in love with them! They are my new obsession! I know some people probably aren't keen on the way they look (my sister constantly reminds me how much she hates them..) but personally I absolutely love the how you can style them with lots of different outfits. Not going to lie they are definitely not cheap, I got these for £160 from the Timberland shop in Birmingham and I looked pretty much in every shop stocking them to find ones in the sale and all other timberland boots seemed to be on sale except these which are the 6" classics. I think they look cool with casual outfits like jeans and a nice woolly knitted jumper but also dressed up a bit with a dress or skirt I think they are really nice. The photos above are taken from new years eve and I am wearing them with a Primark Aztec print Bodycon dress and some men's thick speckled socks poking …

Online Beauty Shops

Online Beauty Shops So the last couple of days have been chock-a-block with exams as it is mock week this week and I've been wanting breaks from revision every so often and I always find myself checking out the best online deals for beauty products at the moment. I thought I would share with you my most used online stockists for everyone's favourites beauty brands, some of which you can find really good offers from. feel unique has good 50% off sales at the moment from a lot of brands and its so handy that delivery is free on orders over £10 and this applies internationally as well! I have about 6 things in my online basket from feel unique at the moment all for discounted prices! fragrance direct is incredible for finding really good deals on well known brands. for example a while ago I ordered 6 Essie nail varnishes each for £1.99 when they are usually sold at £10! fragrance direct also sells lots of discontinued products from drugstore brands so if you're missing an old …

Winter Skincare Essentials

Winter is an exceptionally tough time for your skin and I find I need to make sure it is always packed with moisture to keep it looking healthy and to help my make up sit better. The combination of products I have been using at the moment have really been helping to keep my skin hydrated. All of these products I use on a daily basis, except the 2 masks which I use on a weekly basis.

left- garnier fresh essentials cleansing lotion (boots £3.60) right- garnier fresh essentials refreshing scrub (boots £3.60) Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm ( £7.60)

Beauty favourites of 2013

Beauty favourites of 2013This year has been an incredible year in my eyes for all things beauty related. The amount of new products hitting the shelves from the beginning of the year have exceeded all expectations and set the bar at an all-time high for 2014’s beauty related products. For my first ever blog I thought I would give an insight into my favourite products this year and why I adore them so much.

The first of which is a skincare item which I’m sure the majority of the blogging world will have heard about at least once or twice… no definitely more. Bioderma créaline micelalaire water has been all the rage this year and I totally agree with the hype surrounding this wonderful product. I picked up a bottle of this when I visited Paris and automatically fell in love which lead me to buying 6 other bottles the very next day. With one sweep of a cotton pad your make up has seemed to of vanished with no tugging or scratching at the skin at all.
Another skincare product I have be…