A Dupe For Chanel's Bronzer

After recently posting about my current absolute staple bronzer Here which has still not left it's position as top of the bronzers in my collection. I trawled through my old posts to find the featuring of my other fave oldie, the Bourjois Bronzing Primer, in which I suspected the Bourjois bronzer to be a dupe for Chanel's.
Now that I have both in my possession I decided to make a comparison of the two and come up with my own verdict. Looking at them both side by side I think it is pretty obvious that they are not at all the same in the way of formula or colour match, although in other aspects they are very similar.
Both are not at all orangey and extremely lightweight on the skin as well as being incredibly easy to blend. They are also both fit for the same purpose, as bronzing primers or bases, which means they can be worn under make up, creating a naturally sunkissed bronzy look.
Now onto the differences
Apart from the obvious differences in shade and the formula of Bourjois bronzer being slightly more "wet" in texture and the Chanel one having more of a cream to powder finish.
The longevity of the Chanel one is slightly better and I do feel that the overall put together look of the higher end bronzer is more natural which is what I tend to seek for within a bronzer.
The difference in price is mahoosive and in a lot of cases would throw people off buying the more expensive of the two- Chanel's at a price of £23, opposing that of Bourjois at £9.99!
I would say if you have a slightly more extensive budget to definitely opt for Chanel's one then do so! But if not, you wont be missing out on a HUGE life changing dealio!
This is my 100th post wooooo
Lots of love,
Son x 

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