Moisture Surge Necessites

Although winter is such a magical time of year, it doesn't come without its cons, one of my bugbears is the draining of all moisture that comes with the cold weather. So out come the products to put all that moisture back into my skin. 
Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Hydrating Moisturiser- If that isn't the most adjectives you've ever seen to describe a moisturising product I will be extremely surprised. It does exactly what is says on the tub and completely injects the skin with hydration and leaves it feeling super soft and smooth without breaking out or getting at all greasy. The one downside is it's hefty price tag of £34 but if your skin is really in need of a burst of moisture this is definitely one to splurge on!

Tarte Maracuja Oil- I have the smallest little pot of this oil and it has lasted me a lifetime (there or thereabouts!). I put this on before bed after moisturising if my skin is feeling particularly lacklustre and in the morning it feels super nourished and fresh. This is also a really lightweight oil, so no worries of breaking out from it, like a lot of other oils can do.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser for lips- This is my saviour in winter! I get exceptionally chapped lips in the colder months and this is the only thing that I find helps. It is also great for wearing under lipsticks as it isn't super glossy and sinks into the lips really quickly. They are sold pretty much everywhere and are only around £2 I believe, so something to check out if you have similar troubles.
I hope you are all well!
Lots of love,
Son x

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