A Dupe For My All Time Favourite Liner Pen

Since last winter, after finding DHC's Liquid Eyeliner Ex I haven't looked back and have stayed very much faithful to it. I just found that it was the perfect jet black, with the thinnest nib and a really smooth formula that lasts all day. The price is quite high for a product of only 0.5ml (£16 however on sale here for £13.50) but as it lasts so long and I hadn't found anything as good as it I was happy to splurge.
Until I found the Lomeou Mirade Romance Waterproof Eyeliner from Born Pretty Store here for a crazy £1.30 I was converted! 
It has a really thin nib just like the DHC one and is also jet black in colour and not at all watery. It goes onto the eye really smoothly and lasts all day without any signs of smudging.
I can't sing its praises enough and now use this on a daily basis. I am definitely tempted to buy 30 of these and hand them out to everyone, and keep 10 for myself of course!
If you try this let me know what you think!
 Lots of love,
Son x

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