Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush


I can't quite get over how beautiful this brush looks. Real Techniques recently released a new range targeted at a slightly higher budget, promising more high end quality then their counterparts. I was super excited and checked out the brushes as soon as the opportunity arose. The range comes with 7 brushes for various different tasks. I must say none of them really tickled my fancy as much as I thought they would but this one stood out for me. The 301 contour brush, I had to have it.  The bristles are cased in a beautiful rose gold metal handle. The brush hairs are highly dense and can pack a punch when it comes to applying contour and blending smoothly. You have to be wary though that you don't apply too much product because it is easy to end up with a muddy streak, although is very easy to blend out. The price of this is £22 exclusive to Boots, so quite considerably higher than the original real techniques brushes but I can see the difference in quality with this one and I think it will last forever. I am really happy with this product but I am not sure I will be testing out any others from the range.
Have you tried the Bold Metals Collection?
What did you think?
Lots of love,
Son x

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