Winter Skincare Saviours

Particularly in the colder months our skin seems to banish itself of all moisture, as soon as I step out of the shower I can feel my skin tightening and I need to rush to my saviours to plump up my face back to life. 
Facial oils, I wrote a blog post on the Bobbi Brown facial oil here, but recently I have been loving this cute samples of the tarte maracuja oil and the Josie Maran oil. I use these after slathering on my serum and they are really lightweight and sink into the sink super fast.
Primers, I know this isn't so much a skincare item but it has been an essential step in my morning routine for prepping my skin for make up. This borjois one brightens and adds a last it of moisture sealing in all of the skincare process and prolonging make up.
Lip balm, cracked, flaky lips are definitely not vogue this season, or any actually, so using a proper good moisturising lip balm can make all the difference. I am enjoying this elemis ultra conditioning lip balm at the mo and it really does what is says on the tin. 
Hylaronic acid, this nifty sciency skincare ingredient is a massive help. Without getting into it too much, hylaronic acid is supposed to be able to absorb 1000 times itself in water. (I think it is anyway, feel free to correct me if I am wrong). Which is perfect for really dehydrated skin, there are lots of products nowadays with hylaronic acid but two of my faves are indeed lab's hydraluron and comfort zone's hydramemory serum.
Face masks are a must for winter and all year around in my opinion as they can inject that added pump of moisture into the skin without making it feel greasy or heavy. I personally am liking this Embryolsse one. 
I hope this helps,
What are your skincare saviours?
Lots of love,
Son x










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