Updated Everyday Make Up Products

Sorry again for the bad quality picture, I'm currently away for the weekend and sillily didn't bring my laptop so I am unable to transport my camera pics to my blog. They will be better pics from now on again, promise.
So recently I have changed up my everyday make up again for a more simple, quicker daily routine when it come to applying my face in the morning. 
As I spoke about in one of my previous posts I can't be dealing with full on foundation at the moment and so I find concealing under my eyes and any blemishes does the trick pretty well.
I use the L'Oreal brow artist in the darkest shade on my brows as it is a perfect colour match for my brows and is so quick and easy to apply in the mornings. The L'Oreal colour riche single eyeshadow in this shimmery nude shade has been my go to daily eyeshadow as it is so super creamy and blends like a dream. Rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner in nude has been a life saver for days when I have been up late and then waking early  as it conceals any red in the tight line. Finally, I have already written a full blog post on my favourite mascara of the moment and it still hasn't budged from top spot, Estée Lauder's sumptuous bold has been a daily essential and a fabulous one at that.
Lots of love,
Son x

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