Best Of Bronzers

Benefit Hoola Bronzer- £23.50- This is more on the pricey side but I would definitely say it is worth getting your hands on if possible. Its not at all orangey which I have found a lot of bronzers can be and it doesn't look like you are covering yourself in a layer of mud- which I would definitely say is a positive! It has more grey undertones which are great for people with paler skin. It's pretty pigmented so a little goes a long way, don't be too heavy handed as it can all get a bit too much pretty quickly (as I would know from personal experiences). I love this bronzer and use it daily!
NYC Sunny Bronzer- £1.99- This is a fabulous dupe for Hoola and for such a similar product at a fraction of the price you cant really go wrong with this. Although the colour is slightly more orange toned and a tad less pigmented than hoola it is still fabulous for the price and makes you look like you've been on holiday and caught the sun.
Bourjois Bronzing Primer- £9.99- This is a bit odd looking in the pot and the consistency feels pretty weird at first but after applying I fell in love with this and I think the concept is really clever. Its supposedly a dupe for the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel in they are both bronzing primers. So buffed into the skin before foundation to add a warm glow from underneath foundation without looking at all cakey. 

What is your fave bronzer?
Lots of love
Son x

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