Top 5 Make-up Brushes

I don't know if I have ever mentioned my make up brush addiction on my blog before and I don't know why but I just can't help myself when it comes to adding new brushes to my collection.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush- I, like the majority of beauty fanatics will have tried a real techniques brush and if you haven't what have you been doing with your life?! They are quite simply fantastic, the synthetic fibres mean they don't absorb much product are really soft and extremely easy to wash. The buffing brush is a definite favourite for buffing (duh) in foundation to create a flawless looking finish on the skin.

EBay Round Top Concealer Brush- I use this for pretty much everything- concealing, blending, contouring.. you name it this brush can do it. Again it is super soft and applies and blends product out so easily. I got this in a set of 15 brushes from eBay (I have a post on all of them) and all of them are surprisingly extremely good quality for the price I got them for and this one in particular is just outstanding.

Spooly- No idea where I got this from but I use it daily without fail and quite frankly  don't know what I would do without it... (well doesn't that sound extremely sad..). Its pretty self explanatory, it tames unruly brows and makes life a lot easier before shaping and filling in my brows. You can get these from most places for very cheap.

Urban Decay Dual Ended Eye-shadow Brush- This came alongside my Naked 2 palette and its everything you need for eye shadow application. The flatter thinner end is great for patting eye shadow onto the lid and the denser fluffier end is perfect for blending into the crease. Also pretty handy that it comes free with the palette, who doesn't love a freebie that works exceptionally well!

Real Techniques Eyeliner Brush- This features in my eyeliner post funnily enough and it is fabulous! It creates the perfect super thin line with gel eyeliner and makes winged liner super easy and looks flawless. You can create so many different beautiful eyeliner looks with this as it is so thin and versatile.  

What are your favourite brushes?
lots of love
son x

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