My New Favourite Mascara

Being a creature of habit, when i find a product that i like i will continue to repurchase that item until it no longer suits me or i get bored of it. This routine is even more prevalent in my mascaras, when i found the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold mascara I fell in love and ended up repurchasing the same one 3 times. This is down to its fabulous formula, amazing staying power and its volumizing and lengthening effect. 
Fast forward a little bit to this Summer when I went to Canada with my family, my current mascara (Estee Lauder one) was running low and i was in need of a new one. I haven't really pushed myself into the realms of different mascaras and i know what I like and I stick to what I know. 
Personally, I am a huge fan of fibre bristled mascara wands as apposed to the plasticky ones. I just find they make my eyelashes look better without clumping. 
I saw this miniature Benefit mascara in the aisle of doom in Sephora and the wand looked fab, bristled with a cone shape that wasn't too thick.
It is one of my favourite mascaras that i have tried and i will definitely be repurchasing this time and time again. 
If you like the Estee Lauder one too, be sure to check out the benefit version as it £17.50 in contrast to Estee Lauders at £22. Also Boots sell a mini version for £5 which is perfect if you just want to try it out.
Lots of love,
Son x

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