A Few New Beauty Bits

I must confess, the Selfridges and John Lewis January sales got the better of me and I just could not resist splurging on a few products that have been sitting in my imaginary basket for yonks and finally found themselves being checked out. I would say I regret spending so much money on beauty things that I don't NEED but I would be lying.. sorreey bank! So here is a little run down of the products I have bought.
 Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser (starter kit)- £14.95
After trying this a few times and family and friends houses and falling in love with it, I decided I couldn't scrounge of their products any longer and I had to pick it up for myself. The starter kit comes with a waterproof wash bag/make up bag which is super handy, 2 muslin cloths and obviously the cleanser itself. This cleanser makes it all too easy to wash away the day's make up and leave your skin feeling ultra nourished and squeaky clean.

 Mac Eyesahow in Antiqued- £14 I have lost my mac eyeshadow virginity and to a good one at that! This shadow is a coppery-reddy shade with a small amount of shimmer running through it. The pigment is magnificent and lasts all day without creasing. It can be used as a wash of colour all over the lid or blended through the crease to give added definition. Whatever its put up to it doesn't disappoint!

Nars Pressed Powder in Beach £24- After watching Lauren Curtis's Sephora haul including 6 of the pressed powder I knew I had to have it! The shade matches my skin perfectly and is surprisingly pigmented for a pressed powder. It lasts all day on my skin and unlike other powders this doesn't cling to the dry patches on my skin. I'm really impressed with this and I have a feeling it's going to snake its way into my top products of the moment!
Hope you have all had a wonderful start to the year!
Lots of love,
Son x


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