5 Product Flawless Base

Some mornings we just don't have the time and effort to spend a gazillion years on making ourselves look presentable, yet we don't want to scare people away by the telling signs of lack of sleep or stress or poor eating, am I right? for times like these I rely purely on the basics and these products are what I have found to be my faves for those quick application, quick out the door make up days.
Bourjois healthy mix foundation- I'm sure this can blend into the skin within seconds giving the most flawless looking complexion. It is also moisturising which helps when in need of avoiding those dry, dehydrated patches.
Clarins instant concealer- Who needs know we hardly got any sleep last night? The formula of this is so lightweight you would be surprised at the amount of coverage it gives. Can also be used on spots to conceal any redness you might have. No cakiness to be seen and all the remnants of stress or bad eating have been brushed away.
Maybelline the rocket mascara- Lashes need that added lift to open up the eyes and accentuate your feature which is supposedly a window to the soul. This definitely lengthens and defines those lashes without being clumpy, which I know is the new trend but wont be appearing on my face any time soon.
Nars Pressed Powder- Make up sliding around our face is not really what I want to see happening throughout the day and I am sure you don't either. Setting your foundation and concealer can honestly make all the difference!
Laura Mercier Brow Definer- If there was one product I would find it hard stepping outside of the house without using, I think it would have to be brow filler inners. This looks so natural and adds that extra oomf to the brows without creating any awkward slugs.
What are your top 5 products?
Lots of love
Son x

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