The Red That Looks Black

Included in my rather long list of beauty products I wanted to buy from New York was the Essie nail polish in Wicked which is a very dark autumnal red shade but after stumbling across this little gem Essie was long since forgotten about. I found this Rimmel polish in the shade 394 red award in CVs for $3 which in my opinion is an absolute steal. Especially as the colour is almost exactly the same as the Essie shade I had been longing for which was more than double the price. The formula is lovely as it has Lycra in it which creates a really glossy long lasting finish. I love the fact that in some lights it looks red and in others it looks black, it just makes me feel all autumny and ready for Christmas! I have been wearing this since the day I got it and I don't see it parting from my nails anytime soon! I would have taken a pic of it on my nails if they didn't look so atrocious at the moment!
I've got lots of ideas for posts coming up which I hope you will enjoy!
Lots of love,
son x

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