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My hair has been in need of some TLC recently as my ends have become dry due to the increase in sun here in England. So I have been testing out new hair care products to pinpoint what works best to keep my hair in top condition. These products have been nourishing my hair back to life.

Aussie- Mega shampoo (£4.69)
This is great for people who wash their hair daily as it gets rid of product build up and cleanses the hair but doesn't dry it out at all. All Aussie products smell divine and this one is no exception! 

John Frieda- Strengthening intensive masque (£5.89)
I use this masque a couple times a week to really moisturise the ends of my hair when they are feeling damaged from over use of heat tools (which I have been cutting down on use of recently and have noticed a phenomenal difference in the condition of my hair) or texturizing/drying products. It doesn't weigh down the hair and leaves it feeling silky.

I spray this in damp hair after using the Aveda smoothing fluid and I feel that it just locks in all the moisture and adds shine after drying, this also has heat protectants which saves having to put a hundred and one (slight exaggeration!) different chemicals into my locks. I am a massive fan of the john Frieda frizz ease range and think they do exactly what they say on the tin, or bottle in this case.

Aveda- Smoothing fluid (£22)
This is probably my favourite hair care product and I have noticed the most difference while using this. Its formula is in the form of a runny serum which rubbed into the ends of damp hair just conditions and softens the hair making it really easy to style and super super soft. If I were to recommend one hair care product I think it would have to be this one and I can no longer live without this being in my routine!
Hope this may have been helpful,
Lots of love son x

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