I had never been a religious blush wearer until I was recently talking to the woman at the nars counter in London who told me my face looked very flat and dull without it.. What a compliment eh. So I decided to bite the bullet and delve into the world of crimson tints and I was pleasantly surprised with my findings. My first blush affair was with Benefit's Coralista, although the packaging is maybe not so alluring, the product inside is such a gem! It's rose gold peachy goodness is perfect for creating a 2 in 1 highlight and flushed effect and adds such a warm glow to the skin. Secondly comes in the form of Mac's Matte Melba, more of a subtle shade but beautiful nonetheless, I wear this on an everyday basis to add some life back into my cheeks whilst not overdoing the shimmer. Finally the middle man, Max Factor's Crème Puff Blush in the shade Lavish Mauve. I'm sure we have all heard about the resemblance between this and the somewhat more costly Hourglass ambient lighting blushes. This baked blush contains the most finely milled, almost undetectable shimmer running through it alongside 2 gorgeous pink toned mauve shades. When swirled together with a large fluffy brush and swept across the cheekbones creates such a beautiful effect.
All three with different price points Benefit Coralista being £23.50, Mac Melba being £18.00 and Max Factor Crème Puff Blush at £8.99. So a blush to suit every budget. In my opinion the most costly blush does not entail the best quality and it's predominantly about finding one that suits you and your skin tone.
Lots of love,
Son x

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