Where I've Been

After a phenomenal gap year, travelling around Europe and Canada I have found myself settled back in education, studying for a degree in English language whilst living away from home in a student flat of 7 other humans who I have got to know very well in the last couple of months. 
With this being my first post in way over a year, SORRY! I felt it was necessary to fill in the missing pieces from my last 15 months of being MIA. 

So straight out of Sixth Form I began a 0-hour contracted job at my local airport in World Duty Free, a job with an abundance of perks (including an insane staff discount programme to keep my make up cravings at bay) but also one too many cons (4am starts, constant targets, pressure from management and often lack of work). However, the pay was good and I needed to save for my desire to travel the world in my year of freedom. 

When March 2017 came around 2 of my dearest friends and I took off looking like tortoises, with the contents of our life for the next month being crammed into an oversized backpack on our shoulders, to visit 11 of the most wonderful cities. Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb, Split, Lake Bled and finally Paris. Honestly this was one of the most incredible months of my life and I have so many memories that I will cherish forever. 
May 2017 saw me embark on my next adventure with my best friend, this time slightly further afield. Canada. Since visiting Canada a few years ago for a family wedding I have had my heart set on hopefully moving out there one day, for now though a short 3 week trip would suffice. This time we organised to be chaperoned by a tour group, out group of 14, consisted of 13 women and 1 male (poor guy) and many of the people on this group I would love to stay in contact with as they were genuinely brilliant.

The summer holidays following my gap year was equally as amazing, travelling back to Budapest with my boyfriend and then to Iceland with my family. I have definitely had my quota of flights for the year!

Which leads me onto now, in my new home away from home for the next three years whilst I try and navigate myself around university life to get a degree. I have met some wonderful new people and I finally feel settled, with a constant routine and subsequently think its time to start blogging again. I have so much passion for writing and photography and I really missed being able to sit down and just tap away at the keyboard while emptying my head of all of my (often beauty related) thoughts.
Thanks for reading, see you soon.
Son x

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